Belts, Straps, Archery Slings, Lanyards

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Paracord Belt


Made from Paracord 550, each 4 foot belt is made from 100 feet of genuine Paracord. Belts can be made to any length required.


Nickel and Gun Metal buckles available




More information is available on my website:



Glasses Lanyard


Made from Paracord 550 with the inner strands removed to create a lightweight lanyard for your glasses.


Buy 2 for £2.50

Pararcord Whistle Lanyards


With Lobster hook 2 for £3.00



With split barrell 2 for £4.50

Pararcord Key-rings


King Cobra Key-rings


  • dog
  • dolphin
  • butterfly
  • platinum beads (x3)



With trigger hook £3

Pararcord Archery Slings


Your choice of 2 or 3 colours. Each sling comes complete with leather and has plasti-dipped ends to prevent fraying.



The World's Toughest Bootlaces...


are made from Paracord 550.


3ft £2

4ft £2.50

5ft £3

6ft £3.50

Pararcord Survival Bracelets


Adults - King Cobra £4.50

Adults - Cobra £4


Kids - Cobra £3

Paracord Straps


Ideal for:


  • Hold-alls
  • Kit bags
  • Camera bags
  • Cameras
  • Laptop bags


The straps have a very strong scissior snap hook at each end and are available in King Cobra or Single Cobra.


King Cobra £22

Cobra £11


When ordering please provide the length required.