We now have a wide range of collars available including:


  • Cobra collars (2cm wide) with nylon Shockflex side release buckle, all metal buckle and a new half nylon/metal buckle with Alfie's Leads logo.


  • King Cobra collars (3cm wide) with all of the above including large nylon ITW side release buckle and large, all metal, buckle with Alfie's Leads logo.


  • King Cobra half choke and martingale collars, a heavy weight chain for large collars is available for an additional £2.


  • Snake Weave half choke collars.


  • Double Cobra collars with a selection of buckles mentioned above including a belt style centre pin buckle which makes this collar adjustable.


Lightweight aluminium name tags are also available in 2 sizes - 14mm and 22mm. These are woven into the collar. The 14mm is ideal for Cobra and Double Cobra collars and the 22mm fits King Cobra collars perfectly. Nametags are available for an additional £5.

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