Harnesses and Halti Collars


Harnesses are suitable for large or small dogs. They are made to exact measurements and are not adjustable. Measuring your dog can be tricky but if the measurements are wrong I'd be happy to adjust it so that we get the right fit.


How to measure

Measure around the body from the back, around the chest and back up. Take this measurement just behind the front legs.

Body = ......cm


Then measure the widest part of the dog's head. Once you have this measurement, place the measuring tape set at that size around your dog's neck pulling it down towards the chest.

Head/Neck = ......cm


Then, from the point in the chest that the head/neck section reached, measure down the front and behind the legs to the point that this section will meet the body strap.

Chest = ......cm


Finally, measure the distance from where the neck section will sit at the back of your dog's neck down to where the body strap will go, this is normally only approximately 8 - 15cm

Back = ..... cm


Small - up to 40cm body £11

Medium - 40-60cm body £14

Large - over 60cm body £16

Free postage


Halti style head collars

My Halti style collars give the control of a traditional Halti but with more comfort for your dog. Halti straps can dig into a dog's skin and can irritate the eyes, particularly in larger dogs.


Paracord head collars have soft rounded edges, they won't dig in. As they are made to measure, the cheek straps will keep the muzzle section exactly whefe you want it to be and it won't move up close to your dog's eyes.


Measuring is fairly straightforward.


How to measure

Measure around the neck the same as hyou would for a normal collar OR measure your dog's existing collar in the closed position.

Collar = ......cm


Then measure around your dog's muzzle allowing enough space for the dog to open his/her mouth.

Muzzle = ......cm


I will then add a 6 inch section which will attach the muzzel setion to the trigger hook or ring, whichever you prefer.


£9- free postage


Fig.8 head collars are also available - £8.

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