Paracord Bracelets


Paracord bracelets come in a number of different forms. The original Cobra (Bear Grylls or Mad Max) version comes with a rubberised stainless steel adjustable shackle, a nylon shock-flex siderelease buckle or in a tied format with no buckle. Cobra or Fishtail weave is available.


Cyclists will love my Chain Link bracelets with a genuine replacement chain link, ideal if your chiain needs to be repaired on the move!


Paracord Skull Bracelets are available with a red bandana skull or a green eyed one. These are also available with Tibetan beads.


These all close with a small magnetic clasp.


When ordering, please provide your colour choice and the size you would like the bracelet to be rather than wrist size. Thank you.


All bracelets are £4.50

Free postage

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