Paracord Toys

Bite Bar Tuggie Toys

These have 2 handles made from a 30 foot continuous strand of Paracord which forms two 5 inch handles. The bite section is made from a further 30 feet of cord which is woven over the centre section in a king cobra weave with a further king cobra over the top. They are very strong but only weigh around 90 grams - very light and convenient.

Please advise if you would like the 6 inch or 8 inch bite section when ordering.

£8- free postage


Sheepskin Tuggie Toy

These tuggie toys are extremely strong, the loop handle provides a strong grip.

Each toy has a 12 x 6cm section of sheepskin sourced from Skye Skins. They tend to be very furry!!!

£7- free postage Add a ball at the end for an additional £2.

Larger or smaller versions can be supplied on request.


Agility Flirt Poles

Ideal for coaxing your dog over jumos or to use as a toy for your dog to chase after. The Flirt Poles have a 1.2m telescopic pole with silicone handle. The 3 foot woven Paracord section has a 4 inch piece of sheepskin attached. They are available with black, blue, orange or red handle and any comination of (2) colours you would like.

£14 - free postage


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